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Monday, September 28, 2015


Destiny, what is destiny.... Destiny is the force which some people believe controls the things that happen to them in their life.. 

All around world people's depend on destiny, if they'll get success they responsible destiny about it and if they will  fail then also they responsible it for their failure.

Some people's destiny is better and some of their is not good, as shown in picture above some of the village women going to collect water at some distance away from their little house lugging water pot on their head because they have no water facility near their home, they also have a dream to live life as a common people, like me, like you, but we can say that their destiny is not much good, but they try hard to live in this life and struggle against destiny, they just believe in their life.

We live in the world where miracle happens everywhere, anytime, and with everyone, we just have a sense to catch up those miracle and take a lead on destiny.

But against destiny i believe that hard work is ahead of destiny, if you work hard no matter how bad your destiny but i'll sure you will get success, and that is what i believe, take an example of my favorite actor Shah rukh khan, when he came in Mumbai he don't have any money to go home back, but now he is Badshah of Bollywood Because of it's hard work.  

So nothing is impossible in this world, just believe in god.

But after all i also believe in destiny, but i always say HOPE FOR THE BEST.

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